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Hostgator recently changed all coupon codes so there is now only ONE discount available. You will not find a better Hostgator coupon anywhere else! Please trust me on this, I received these codes directly from Hostgator, and I have tested them so I know they work.
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There is no particular coupon better than another; they all offer exactly the same discount. Hostgator has made this change to make things fair for all of their affiliates, and quite frankly their service is good enough that they don't have to be offering any discounts at all.

Currently you will save $9.94 by using any of these coupon codes. You may use the code on ANY hosting plan, including shared hosting and reseller accounts. For example, if you use a coupon on the $9.95/month plan, you will effectively be getting the first month for one cent!

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My Personal Review of Hostgator:

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Eric Holmlund
Author of
How To Sell Web
Hosting For A Profit

As a former web hosting company owner, I know what to look for in a web host, and I know the warning signs of the hosts to stay away from. As an online marketer who depends on reliable uptime, I'm also very picky about where I host my own sites.

Hostgator is the top host on my list for several reasons. First of all, they have all the right equipment and hosting software. By this, I mean they are in a good datacenter with great connectivity, and they use high quality Linux-based servers. They use the cPanel hosting platform, and if you've read my e-course you'll know that cPanel by far my favorite control panel for resellers. They add to that the Fantastico scripts library (another must-have in my book), and RVskin (multi-language capability that will boost your global marketing potential).

On top of their already generous reseller plans, they include WHMautopilot, the billing and customer management program used by a lot of big-time hosts. If you want to be serious in the hosting business, you NEED automation. WHMautopilot gives you that automation by automatically setting up customer accounts, tracking billing, etc.

OK so they've got the features, what about reliability and support? I would say their reliability is probably the best in the industry for a host in such an affordable price range. Their support is excellent; I've referred literally THOUSANDS of people who are now using HostGator, and I've had no complaints.

And finally, what about price? They've got the features and the quality...the only thing left is the affordability. Well I'm happy to say that this is where they truly "eat up the competition". Starting at only $24.95 you can get a solid reseller plan and start making money. I can barely even explain how good of a deal this is. Remember the WHMautopilot I was mentioning? It normally costs $19.95/month JUST for that script! Hostgator is also going to throw in a free merchant account, hosting templates, and an enom domain reseller account. This is the best turn-key solution I've seen.

I've even referred my friends and family to Hostgator!

Are you convinced yet? Oh yeah, one more thing... I'm not just a proponent of their service, I'm also a client! That's right, I've got a couple of dedicated servers for my own websites, and I've also got a Hostgator reseller account as a backup because the deal can't be beat.

You can visit Hostgator at

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! ~ Eric


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